EASYLAND 15th Anniversary | One Team, One Dream

Time flies, 15 years is just a moment in history, but it is so magnificent. This year, Easyland celebrating its 15th birthday. The 15 years of time left us with valuable wealth and also left us with a heavy responsibility.

May 18th was Easyland’s 15th birthday. Shanghai Easyland drove to the chalet convention center in Fengxian District. We had a pleasant and unique anniversary in the scenic chalet convention center.

One Team, One Dream

After free grouping, Shanghai Easyland small partners formed three teams with distinctive style and strong strength, which also opened the prelude to team operations. The name of the "social brigade" that is arrogant and compelling, the team members have strong strength; the slogan "Lion Lions" and the Xian Xia team, which is quite a costume drama style.

After a series of warm-up games, formally entered the heavyweight competition - rapid 60 seconds. It took the team 60 seconds to work through the active cooperation of the team members and the scientific division of labor to use the shortest time to guess the correct sequence of 30 cards. A seemingly difficult task that couldn't seem to be completed. After several rounds of experimentation, the small partners who found the scientific method finally succeeded in completing the task. The "Xian Xia Team", which had a rapid momentum at the beginning, eventually lost a bit of confusion in teamwork and lost to the "social brigade" in the final period. This round of competition won the championship with “Social Brigade” with 52 seconds of good results. “The Lions” ranked second. The third set of “The Xian Xia Team” was a foregone conclusion. The tacit understanding and collaborative spirit of teamwork was the “quickness”. 60 seconds" final determinant.

Movie situation - micro movie shooting

After the rich birthday party, finally arrived at the most anticipated micro-film shooting session! Each team member performs division of labor according to their respective characteristics: director, propaganda, screenwriter, artist, photography, and actor.

Preparation time: one and a half hours;

Microfilm duration; 5 minutes

Thematic characters are selected by lottery. Egypt Pharaoh, Arab Prince and Aladdin’s lamp are used as the main line throughout the story. The buddies who open their brains compete against each other to win the second and deliver a satisfactory answer within a limited time. Join the Pharaoh's Crossing Journey at the Best Screenplay and Best Performance Awards.

Jiangsu Easyland also celebrated their 15th birthday in their own way in Wuxi. Everyone grows with the company. Easyland’s birthday is also the best witness for their growth. The 15th Anniversary series of events currently hosts the Jeju Island Line and 15th Anniversary special birthday event. There are also grand celebrations in the second half of the year.

15-years-old is a young age. The age of 15 is the most splendid high-speed development period of an enterprise. The market is shifting, the market is magnificent, and the city is changing with each passing day. We are standing firm and full of vigor. Everyone in Easyland is willing to contribute their own strength and light and heat, to play the advantages of team operations, and to add luster to the long-term.

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